Tell Me I’m Your National Anthem

The 4th is my favorite holiday by far. (Someone link me back to this post at Christmas but…. I’m pretty positive it’s my favorite.) I like being outside, I love my family and friends, I love fried food. FIREWORKS. WATER FIGHTS! It’s all good. And there isn’t that pressure that seems to tag along with Christmas like the tag you forgot to remove from your father’s Christmas present. I just love it.
This was my song of the day:
Lana is always my song of the day.
This was my day:
Small hometown parade with the best friends.
“Niki show me your Merica face!”
Favorite picture of the day 
Ron Swanson Van
Our parade ends with the best water war ever.
We were soaked and happy. 
100% the world’s best corn dog. And snow cone.
Niki and I went to the park to have a little relaxation in the sun.
It was the best part of the day. Nice and sun kissed.
We went to the fair by our old High School and bought these
awesome cuffs! Only $5 each! And very suited to our personalities.
They had a cover band who kicked ass. And we danced.
We cried. We laughed. We were the only people dancing who weren’t 8.
A good day!
Then I got home after sitting in traffic for eight years.
I filled my bath and my sun soaked body slipped into the silky, stinging water. My skin, kissed lightly by the sun was bitten by the hot warter. It wasn’t unfomfortable. It honestly made me feel… settled. It was such an amazing day. The sting on my skin felt like tiny fireworks of accomplishment and joy. It mean that I spent my entire day outside, my favorite kind of day. I spent my day with family and friends. And my favorite holiday. Sure, the sun hangover and the fried food hangover got me later that night, and is carrying on today, but yesterday was beyond perfect.
I hope your holiday was just as lovely.


  • Maddy

    You are too hot for Kaysville. That's all:)

  • Erin

    Haha oh my word that gif. LOL!


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