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Tonight at the Imagine Dragons concert (!!!) the lead singer finished his opening song then said this:

“Are you ready to let go tonight, Utah? Are you ready to completely let go?”

My heart was already spinning and somersaulting because of this guy’s rippling biceps and the pounding drum beat but then he won my heart over entirely. Yes, sir, I was ready to let go. I danced, I screamed, I cried, I lived. I felt so incredibly rejuvenated and so centered and complete.

I love watching live music because you can see the melodies flowing out of the musicians mouths and fingertips. I love seeing someone living their dreams. There is always one moment where they look so completely overwhelmed and where the good artists are genuinely so grateful that they have this amazing opportunity to inspire and connect with so many.

I know it’s cliche but music truly is one of the most incredibly powerful forces on this Earth. It’s so healing and connecting. I love seeing people get carried away in music, whether they are the listeners or the performers. These guys let themselves go. They let themselves dance around the stage and bounce with their guitars. Dan, the lead singer, got on his knees to beat a drum. He threw his head back and screamed. He even put his shirt in his mouth while he played, biting down hard because he couldn’t contain his passion. (ALSO SIDE NOTE… neither could I. Good lord this man is unreal. Just… I want to wrap my body around his bicep. It’s not weird.)

After the show as I was driving to IHOP with Niki, I thought about how powerful music really is. How that moment when the entire arena was dark except for the starbursts of cell phone light sprang up in the blackness will shine in my heart forever. About how bland life would be without those certain songs there to make sense of everything. About how there are times that the only way you can get a message across is to shove headphones in someone’s ears and say “just listen to this. It’s every single thing I am feeling.”

Tonight after the show I felt such peace and such a creative jolt as well. During the show too. I felt stronger and confident. Radiant. I feel at peace with myself now. It’s been a journey this week, as you all know. I feel like I’ve walked a thousand miles in a matter of days. I guess traumas will do that to you, you know? I feel like if a love of my doesn’t work out, yeah it will suck but I will heal. I am a great person with so much to give. And you know what? I have music to keep me company and heal me and propel me.

Ever have those experience when you’ve heard a song a billion times but then you hear it one night and it’s like hearing it for the first time? The words take new shape. They lift your heart up for examination and hold it out to you. That was tonight. You change, sometimes without even knowing it, and suddenly a song sticks out to you. A few words change everything.

This was a ramble of a post, but it’s also 4 in the morning. Share some of your favorite music with me, lovelies 🙂 I’d love to listen. I always want to be inspired.

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  • AVY

    I used to feel that way about music too, and I sometimes do, still, but not as much and never as often. It hurts me because it feels as if something is missing in the way I live my life. When I want to get back to it I always try to listen to Elliott Smith.


  • Shelby

    this is EXACTLY why i go to so many concerts. big or small, the passion these musicians have is unreal. i always find myself at one point at a concert taking a step back, and just watching. truly watching. their face says it all. music has an incredible pour.

  • LuLu

    Music makes the world go round.

    Blue October is my world.

    Breakfast After 10

  • Ryan

    We've all got a little music inside of us. I'm diggin yours.

  • My name is Lydia

    i don't even care what you write about. i just love your writing.

  • Amanda Schroeder

    First of all, you are an amazing writer. Second, I am a music freak. I love it. So much. Third, I concur with Ryan.

  • Kayla

    yes! i love that you went & saw them, they are fabulous. as are you.

  • David Chiarelli

    Love the way how you describe music flow. I keep a regular list of what I am listening too, with quickie reviews towards the bottom of my blogsite. I most always have music playing, even when I go to bed.

  • lacey

    music is the single most powerful thing in the world. it is such an important part of my life and the way that i connect with so many different people. i'm glad you feel the same, too! been listening to the neighborhood album and the newest one republic album.


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