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I’m a few days into NaNoWriMo now and so far it’s going pretty well. I’ve beaten my daily word goal, and I’ve failed making my daily word goal. I didn’t stay too mad at myself for not making my goal some days, but as the days go by pressure is increasing in my own head. It’s getting easier to slide back into this world of my characters since I am spending so much time there but it feels like running a marathon. During the writing I get an intense runners high but the moment the writing stops I want to sleep for three days and never write again. This is an intense challenge. It’s testing me and pushing me a lot.

It’s an interesting feeling to feel like I never really leave the world of my characters. I feel constantly inspired and I see them moving around in my head constantly. They are becoming more real in my head. I feel Piper, Eli, and Thom sitting on my shoulders whispering in my ears for me to write. “You have to tell our story, Emma. Why are you watching Reign (WHICH BY THE WAY IS AWESOME) at a time like this? Get my story on that paper, damn it!” That’s Piper. She’s needy. Eli is more forgiving. He lets me take coffee and reading breaks.

Rainbow Rowell talked a lot about staying in the world of her book during the time she did NaNoWriMo while she wrote Fangirl, which I talked about in this post. She said it helped her to never leave their world for too long because it kept her in the zone. She said, “During NaNoWriMo, I never left the world of the book long enough to lose momentum.”

She also said this gem:

“I mean, I still didn’t know if what I’d written was any good. (I hadn’t even read it all in one piece!) But I was so excited about the novel, I wanted to write every day. And even when I wasn’t writing, my brain was still working on the story.” 

Same here, girl. Same here. I’m excited to be writing this novel finally and pushing all of it out onto a page. I’m following Rainbow’s lead and not rereading my story at all, just keep pushing forward. The month is barely beginning and I’m already growing in motivation and fear that I won’t possibly find energy or time to keep up with writing about 2000 words a day.

But these characters are not leaving me alone. Sharing headspace with them is exhausting and thrilling. They feel so real to me. Their lives feel real and powerful. I can’t wait to share more with you 🙂

Current word count: 10,206

My mind after writing all day. What even is sleep?
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  • Shelby

    Like seriously, I need to read this!!! You keep going girl!! You got this all the way to the end.

  • India Wilson

    You are so inspirational! This is Nikki (one of 3 admins at Females of the World – our blog) and I'm currently doing NaNoWriMo but I've barely written anything. I just can't get my brain to connect to my fingertips! It's like I've got this whole universe in my head but it's trapped. I found this post so motivating and was wondering, if you have any free time, could we do an interview? We'd love to talk to you about your novel and just know you'd be so inspiring to our readers! Congrats with keeping up with the word count!

  • D

    i am so excited for you, good luck!!


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