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A few months ago I wrote a piece about my uncle Rod who is an amazing artist. As I was with my family this weekend I noticed that his legs were splattered with paint. I loved the sight of this. It reminded me of dedication, of how Fitzgerald and Shakespeare must have lived and breathed with ink under their nails. How Monet and Picasso moved in a cloud of paint and inspiration. I loved the idea of him never leaving the world of his work long enough to wash the paint off, but living constantly inspired and feeling ideas crawling across his skin. He must have the most beautiful mind, I thought. He must look at everything as though it were a painting waiting to be awoken.

Then a video of his work appeared on my Facebook. I sat transfixed by the flowing paint, by his words of inspiration, dedication, and liberation. This man. My uncle. He’s my hero. He has decided to dedicate his life to his passion. Come hell or high water he will be gracefully coating canvases in paint and molding the world around him with his work. His work is so gorgeous. It’s breathtaking. It’s like nothing I have ever seen and I am lucky enough to be related to him. His confidence in his work, his persistence, his goodness in general is my biggest inspiration. His drive and the fact that he gets so entirely lost in his work is gorgeous.

Here is one of his paintings, just for a taste. You can also see my previous post about his work to see more.

via Art by Rod Heiss

Here is the video. Please please please spend a little time with my uncle and his paint. If you need inspiration, here it is, lovelies.

“When I slip into these shoes, clarity replaces confusion. Peace replaces fear. And excitement replaces routine.”
Art is pure magic. It is pure love thrust onto a canvas. My uncle gave a beautiful talk at my grandmother’s funeral. He said some beautiful things.
“The one thing that makes a great piece of art is desire. The desire to connect and to share.”
He discussed the elements of a great painting and a great artist.
Technique. You must keep an open mind to techniques of other artists. Just because it’s different or something you wouldn’t do doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
Composition. You must bring forms together with flow and balance and harmony.
Dedication. When you look at good art, you feel their passion. When difficulties come, you keep moving forward.”
All of this I feel when I see him, when I see this video, and when I see his work in real life. He is remarkable and the greatest creative inspiration I have in my life. At the end of his talk he said this sentence:
“A masterpiece is something that is transcendent.”
He is transcendent. His work is transcendent. Creativity is transcendent.
Please watch the video and love. Check out his gorgeous website and get to know him. You can find his website here and his Facebook page here. Go forth and spread creative love.


  • carly

    I love all of this. Your uncle's artwork (that one above is STUNNING), the inspiring fact that he is doing what he loves and loving what he does, and the thought-provoking question of "what shoes do you fill?". I mean, just thinking of stepping into someone else's shoes is such a big and great and inspiring thought in itself! it made me think of my own pursuits and what my own heroes have done to further their goals in life, to overcome obstacles, and to be strong.

  • Courtney B

    love, love, LOVE! He is incredibly talented!!


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