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lightning rod

I like him, I think.
I don’t remember how that feels.
The tripping trepidation,
the bubbling bewilderment,
the thought of someone new
on the horizon.
A few weeks back
he told me he was ready to
give up on love.
He’s been so hurt,
his care never being returned.
He says my friendship means the world.
How do I tell him
I’ve been hurt too,
I’ve given all of myself
and lost every inch of who I was
for love.
His words always inspire me,
his last name sounds like adventure,
his first name sounds like hope.
He is an artist.
I’m weak for artists.
His mind is marvelous.
He makes me feel creative.
I don’t want to see our
friendship disappear.
I can’t make him ready if he’s not.
But every time his name flashes
on my phone screen,
my heart flips.
I told him not to
give up forever.
Just for now.
Wait it out,
love will strike again.
How do I tell him that he
has become my lightning rod?


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  • Ryan

    I'm all for the approach of just saying what you're thinking, and given your gift to perfectly arrange words on a page, I say roll the dice. Haha, that's my approach to everything. It does make things exciting.

  • Gentri

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, gorgeous. Gives me hope for the future. i've recently been hurt, you know what I mean… and it was horrible, and not my first time. It really can make you lose hope. I love that there is that possibility for you and him! <3

  • Shawnee

    I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN! and this post. love. 🙂

  • AVY

    Aw, how cute, of only there were men like that. Don't tell him, that moment just before sounds wonderful.



  • Emerald Dove

    This is so beautiful! I know how you feel – I feel just the same at the moment! And the new blog design is seriously amazing! 🙂

  • Shelby

    freaking heck YOU KILL ME!!!

  • Harlynn

    You should write a book of short stories/poems!


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