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contented isolation

Human nature quakes for connection
like leaves quivering on a branch,
the skin quivering under a shaking
breath placed seductively in
the crevice under your jawline.

Atoms push and pause,
connecting and unwinding
along a garish carousel circling
into a tapestry of anonymous faces,
flushing to harmonize with the
stranger across from them.

The isolated cries of
the not so isolated sweethearts
and their drifting hearts floating to
another beat. Pump pump. Pump pump.
Silence. Isolationism at its finest
even among the flashing lights of
the ferris wheel in the center of the fair.

It’s like candy when you find it,
the last bright red lick melting
against your teeth and sticking in your gums.
The sweet almost sickening taste
crawling in your taste buds,
inching down your esophagus,
icing your stomach lining until you feel ill.

Illness and disbelief at the peace
living in your veins and breeding
in your cells. Disconnection
from it all, tearing yourself from
the breast of connection makes everything
silent. You’re ok. You’re alive.
You’re alone and content.
And, god, it is delicious.

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  • ivette

    This is delicious!

  • Ryan

    I agree with ivette, that's good writing.

  • Holly

    I love the way you write, so emotionally driven and relatable. I love the image of the red sweet sticking to your teeth. xxxx

  • meg bird

    Good grief, just kill me with your beautiful words!

  • Niki

    alone and content, I wish I was.xx

    dreaming is believing

  • helen

    you are so talented.
    i wish i could feel content with being alone x

  • Benlovesting

    You are so good!

  • AVY

    I'm always content with being alone, but I only realize it when I'm not.



  • Emerald Dove

    You are a very good writer! You will one day be a famous writer and I will be like 'yep, I used to be her pen pal!' Haha 😀 It is so true that there is beauty in being isolated – I often find myself surrounded by people longing to be alone with a book! 🙂
    Also, I tagged you to do the Christmas Cracker tag on my blog! 🙂


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