i love gypsy life

(random ramblings ahead.)

After spending five days back at my old house, I am now back in Salt Lake permanently. Today was my last day of work at Barnes and Noble which means no more commuting! more time to myself! back to writing! school in less than a month! I took a little blog vacation for my last five days of work- five very long days and long hours of work. But now I am back and am so ready for a few weeks of relaxing and job securing before school starts in January.


– I was offered early acceptance to the Honors College at the University of Utah! I applied for admittance and was told that I was applying for next fall but then last week I got an email saying I was chosen for early admittance! I’m so happy! I now have to sort of mess up my perfectly placed schedule but that’s alright. I’m just ready to be back on a campus, around working minds and shifting gears.

– I read so much in these past five days and it felt like heaven to feel my brain jogging around the words on the page. I’m so close to my goal of reading 50 books this year and being able to find time to just read about 5 books in 5 days helped push me toward the goal. I’m at 48 books right now!

– Can Game of Thrones just be on again already?

– I know it might appear that my constant repetition of my love and feeling of content at being single right now may make it seem that I am trying horribly to compensate for the true pain of being single but it’s the exact opposite. I feel so at home in my own skin and in my new house that I cannot keep from talking about it. My stomach feels dizzy from excitement and bubbling opportunity in the future. The near future. Reaching this exact spot in my life has been my mantra for the past two years. I knew if I could just get here I would be deliriously happy. One person cannot be this happy. An internal bubbling happy that still lets me retain my constant layer of melancholy (ha). I feel connected to my artistry while still being happy.

I still feel myself missing my past boys. Sometimes terribly so. Sometimes I still cry about it. But you know? I’m happy I still do. They meant something and I deserve as many tears as my body still produces for them. Right now is my time to be me and let myself heal in my way. To write them all out so I can breathe them out of my system.

And even in my comfortable isolation, I could still use some male touch every now and again. Someone find me under the mistletoe. Steal a kiss from me. Hold my hand. Touch the small of my back. Whisper into my neck. Touch. Taste. Have fun.

“I don’t want to be alone forever, but I love gypsy life.” – Lady GaGa


  • meg bird

    Your house looked adorable from the tiny glimpse I got on instagram. You should give us a tour 🙂 I love what you said about being able to be happy with that layer of melancholy still intact. So perfect.

  • ivette

    We are a pair of romantics…. i totally dig what you're saying.
    Congrats on early admittance and the 48 books! ..wish i had the time to read that much too!

  • Carissa Clark

    Aww, good post. Seriously, enjoy your time and invest in you and live that gypsy life!

    also, game of thrones come back!!

  • AVY

    I wish I could cry sometimes, it means you're alive.


  • lacey

    i'm happy to hear you're happy being single and loving your new house! take advantage of this burst of energy and inspiration and excitement. and i am way impressed with your 50 book goal. i love to read, but i definitely get distracted and it sometimes take me a long time to finish a book. maybe that should be one of my goals this year?

  • Shawnee

    the last two paragraphs and single line. yes. amen. xo


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