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School is in SESH you guys. It’s been a learning experience more than just in class. Here’s what I’ve learned. Gotta get over my own pride, but it’s the pride we all have as book lovers. We love hard and deep. We are unforgiving if people attack our favorite books because they have affected us. But sometimes hearing why people dislike books can change us for the better. They can’t take anything away from how YOU read the book. My textbook said “What we do with literature alters what it does to us.” Being open to discussion is hard, but so necessary.

Blogging has helped so much with this. I love reading different responses to my posts. I love reading blogs of different people going through different things. Their experiences become different experiences from me and I draw from all of them. It’s also taught me to be respectful of the writing of others. I like to think I am a good writer and because of that, I tend to get prideful and snotty when other people write. But blogging has mellowed me and let me accept the gifts of others. I admire so many of you so so much and wish I could write like you do! We all have different styles and voices and that’s why writing is great. Sure, these are stories we may have heard a million times but we have never heard them from YOU.

And in addition to all that, I love that you are all getting to know me through my words and vice versa. I feel most myself through my writing and I love that you are all getting such a deep peek into my mind on here. I try to stay always honest and open on my blog. My blog is my home, it’s my favorite corner of my house and I am so happy you all visit me every so often. Thank you for letting me get to know you and for getting to know me so kindly. Let’s all get together soon.

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  • Kitty Chrystal

    This is lovely! I do feel as though I'm learning a bit about you through reading your blog, this post is very sensitively self-aware and I like that. Also, I was inspired by your achievement of reading 50 books last year and I've decided to do the same this year! Wish me luck haha! Xxx

  • lauraslw

    I find myself creeping across to your little space on the web more often than I probably should. I love that you admit your pride and your judgement of others, I think it's something that we all do and not necessarily in a bad way. Keep writing and inspiring me like you do. I am glad school is going well for you!

    Laura xx

  • Emma Jane

    You are too sweet. Thank you so much for always leaving the nicest comments. 🙂

  • Holly

    I really relate to what you wrote here. I put a lot of pressure on myself when I write, but blogging and art have really helped me mellow out. I love the way that blogging helps you see how much talent their is out there, and pushes you to be better. I think I write better now, because I am writing for an audience. I have higher standards then I did when I wrote a journal. But at the same time, I feel incredibly free to express whatever I want on my blog, without being judged or criticised. The blogosphere is a very supportive place, no? 🙂

    As usual, lovely post, and thanks for your comment on mine! xoxoxo

  • Holly

    *there, ugh, hahahaha

  • s

    getting to know each other based on words, not looks or cliques or anything else. i like it.

  • lacey

    i really admire your writing and am always so appreciative of your honesty. that is something i find hard to do on my own blog which is why my posts are usually about chocolate chip cookies and crap like that. (not really crap, chocolate chip cookies are delicious.) thanks for reading my blog. i always enjoy reading your comments. 🙂 and keep finding new blogs! the more you read, the better you write, right? (see what i did there at the end?)

  • D

    that's why i love reading your blog so much, the words are so real. that really is an art to me, showing who you are through your words.

  • S.

    this is lovely. genuine. i'm so thankful to have crossed paths with you on here. your blog is one of my favorites, and your comments are always a highlight for me. thank you for sharing your voice with us.


  • Shawnee

    you are so sweet and i love your messages to me via blog. i always come to your blog and read many posts at a time. i feel most me when i write too…no literal audience…at least, i never think of anyone else when i write. ps i'm still reading looking for alaska and waiting to read your post on it til i'm done..i'm almost done and all i can say is !!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  • meg bird

    I never felt so defensive as I did at times in college classes. You're right, it's really hard to get over your pride. And I agree, this world of blogging seems to bring out what people have in common rather than what they don't. It's a good environment.

  • jim

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