February already. February is my least favorite month of the year. It’s the hangover month: Christmas is long past, resolutions are starting to fail a bit, spring is still about 6 weeks away, everything is grey and smoggy. At least it’s so short!

Life has been pretty ok the past few days, though. Coven ended wonderfully (Spoiler alert.. I’m the new Supreme) and I watched all of American Horror Story: Asylum in two days. So. Yesterday was productive. Whatever. I’ll be productive later today after my nap. It all evens out. It’s been a hard week, I needed a small break.

Today the roommates and I went up Emigration Canyon for brunch and honestly there was no better way to welcome in this month. If you get to Utah or are from here, go to this canyon and get lost in this breathtaking drive. My roommate Brooke is a runner so this morning she drove up to the top of the canyon, parked her car, ran home, and we drove her back to her car and ate at Ruth’s Diner. Guys. I had biscuits and gravy. No. The best. Forever.

If you know me you know how much I love canyons. I feel so much more settled and grounded when I am twisting through those roads and getting hugged between two goliath mountains. I drove Brooke up to her car and drove back down the canyon alone. I turned on some Mumford and Sons and my car became this insular world in the drifting snowflakes. It was so peaceful and so so serene. It was such a spiritual moment for me. I felt so connected to everything around me. I don’t know how anyone can feel truly alone in nature. Seeing those groups of trees in small gossiping clusters on the mountainside feels like home. Something felt right and ok in that moment. I will make it through, it said. It was much needed. I’ve been needing some reassurance lately after the crap kebob that was the last few weeks. But those are so far behind now, and I’m ready to press onward, even if it is into February.

Good things about February!

  • This is the month in which I reread The Book Thief. I can only reread it once a year because feels and this is when I do it. Whenever you feel unhappy, go huddle up with a favorite book. The characters will greet you like old friends. (More thoughts about The Book Thief here.)
  • I’m also rereading Gatsby this month. I read the book a couple of times a year by the time the year is over but February is when I really sit down and concentrate on it instead of just picking it up and starting at a random page. (More thoughts here.)
  • I’ll probably rewatch The Tudors on Netflix. I’ve been rewatching it every February for some reason and I see no reason to stop now. (Seeing a pattern here? February blows = surround yourself with favorite things.)
  • It’s almost spring and almost my birthday! Come on March, roar in like the lion you are!
  • Ummm February is short? That’s a good thing.
  • Cold, grey days mean more time inside writing. I’m gonna finish the first draft of my novel this month!
Be kind, February. Be kind. I will try to love you more.


  • Emerald Dove

    Lovely post. You have so much snow! We have none but it is rather chilly and very rainy… my gosh, I am so British talking to you about the weather! 🙂

  • Katie Elizabeth

    Just started following. Utah looks a lot like Colorado right now. So much snow. I must agree with you about surrounding yourself with things you love when it's cold and dreary outside. You're a lovely writer. Feel free to follow me.

  • Zoie

    What lovely pictures in the snow! I cannot get the courage up enough to watch American Horror Story, it simply won't happen. So kudos to you.

  • ivette

    lovely winter scenario you've got there…
    curious how you like watching or.reading things.more than once…gatsby and thief for.the second.time? the tudors re-runs?….why not.try a new thing? might make february more exciting, no?
    i'm currently reading "the borgia family" by mario.puzzo… read that? or watched.the show?

  • The Purple Assassin.

    Canyon sounds like must've been fun.
    I was all geared up for feb until today. Now i wish it had never arrived.
    waiting for birthdays is the best part though.

  • helen

    i have never been to a canyon before. it's on my bucket list though. i don't like february much either, it is still much too wintery for my liking! x

  • Ryan

    You're right, February is when the winter gets long and cabin fever heats up. And the way this winter is going it's gonna be another rough six weeks.

    More writing is better.

  • Kelly

    Lovely post, love the photos, I can't wait to read my favourite books in this month & let the characters greet me like old friends. More writing is better 🙂

  • s

    i'll gladly take february over january this year. january was way too cold, and even if february is too, at least we're one step closer to march.

  • lacey

    your drive down the mountain sounds pretty lovely. while i do enjoy february, i can relate to your dislike toward certain months. mine specifically? all the summer months. ALL OF THEM. i kid (a little) but north carolina summers are sweltering. i hope this month flies by for you! also, my birthday is in march, too. huzzah!

  • Brooke Shoko

    pretty PRETTY day.
    thanks for sharing it with me.

  • Niki

    I have my birthday in march too xx

    dreaming is believing


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