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midnight musings III

-I want to fill my room with a bunch of candles, all burned down to different widths and lengths.
-I have the hardest time spelling the word recipe. (I’ll be honest about spelling it wrong here the first two times)
– Just because I’m an English major does not mean I don’t have a plan. And I know that I should be used to hearing the question about what I intend to do with my major, but it does not get any less discouraging with every time people ask me. Then you throw on telling me that getting a Masters in Creative Writing will do nothing for me. Thanks a heap. Excuse me for doing what I love and working my ass off.
– Every time I hear Lana del Rey singing I calm down instantly. That voice is like my own blood rushing through my ears.

-Holding out for a British man, I’ve decided. Or Leo Dicaprio. Whoever comes first.
– I feel nothing like that romantic girl I used to be. I thought I’d always be her.
-I don’t miss that girl much.

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  • S.

    Oh the English major future question.. Heaped with a strong dose of judgement and superiority. You'll prove them all wrong.


    (I always spell exercise wrong.)

  • meg bird

    The thing is, plans fall through. Even for business majors. Tell them to piss off, which will deter them and attract your future Englishman at the same time!

  • Katie Elizabeth

    I think it's awesome that your major is creative writing. I always wanted to do so, but never actually went through with it. Like S said, prove them all wrong. And hold out for your British boy =)

  • AnnTan

    ii love to hear Lana Del Rey sing too, her voice is kinda sexy and sultry, but her song is very soothing.

  • Ryan

    English major, creative writing….sounds to me like things one would do if they were interested in writing, and if that's your dream, you're doing the right things. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Excuse my language, but I enjoy telling people where they can go to get out of my way so I can do my thang. Do yours.

  • helen

    i'm studying art history and i get the same responses (it can be very frustrating at times). lana is beautiful x

  • Shawnee

    i have been loving candles so much lately–i picked up one more for my bedside and luckily my roommate keeps a lot in our living room:) totally understand on the english major deal. UGH. why are people so annoying?! i always just have to let it in one ear and out the other. some days i know what i'm doing after school, some days i have no clue because there are so many opportunities out there! i think the beauty of it all is not knowing…to just live in the present but make sure your present is what you love and be happy while doing it. hence, creative writing. totally with you on a foreign man. xoxo

  • lacey

    i like these random facts/stream of consciousness kind of thing very much. i cannot for the life of me spell vacuum correctly. the only reason i spelled it correctly just now is because i copied and pasted it from the internet.

  • ivette

    People will criticize what they don't understand…let them…who cares… you go.for what you love…. I'd love to take a creative writing course btw!
    Lana.del.rey calms you?….have you tried chopin? Debussy? …they work wonders on me…
    Loving the image you.chose.for.this.post… you little marie antoinette,,,what should.we do.to amuse you now? ….leo dicaprio might do the trick..,. 🙂
    Much love!

  • Emerald Dove

    Great post! I totally agree with people asking what you are planning to do with English – the typical one for me is 'so, are you gonna be a teacher?'.


  • Shelby

    Girl, you are perfect. I look up to you so much! Don't let anyone get you down about writing. You are doing what you love, and that is really all that matters. And I like the girl you have become. She radiates light.

  • Cassandra

    I changed my major from journalism to english because writing news is booooring. Now I know I didn't even need a degree to be a writer, but meh. Came in handy anyway.


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