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a sonnet for the road

These streets that twist and turn in front of my
rearview like I left you that night last spring-
twisted in your sheets, heart breaking, a ring
without a hand to hold its diamond high-
lead me down the same road, the same old sky.
But now my car is empty and I sing
our love song in silence, my lips that cling
to the last taste of you and our last sigh.
The suitcase skyline holds me here although
I try to pack your smell under my bras
and travel size shampoo. But I can’t drive
away, can’t seem to drive your scent below.
The wheel circles round all of my faux pas.
Without you here all I can do is drive.

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  • AVY

    Driving is a form of freedom, even when it means escaping from something.



  • bashashhazbaz

    wow! very cool! love the imagery! very well done!

  • D

    i love your poems and writings that are about missing someone who was there once. i can't help but say it all the time, so very beautiful

  • Katie Elizabeth

    Very well written. Absolutely beautiful.

  • ivette

    "I try to pack your smell" …..lovEd that!

  • The Purple Assassin.

    Driving sets me free.

  • lauraslw

    Em! Your writing gives me shivers. You should have millions of people reading your work because it is just magical. I love that we, as humans, can still feel love and longing even when somebody is gone. It just proves how strong emotions are.

    Your comparison to driving is perfect. I know the feeling. For me I can be drown in floods of tears, I get in my car and my mind drifts from the current into the world around me.

    Laura xx

  • helen

    i love driving, i can't remember what i did the days i couldn't drive when i wanted/needed to get away. it just gives me such a sense of freedom x

  • Kayla Lynn

    ohh this is so beautiful.

  • meg bird

    "Without you here all I can do is drive."

    Love this.

  • Maija

    I can't drive, i wish I wasn't so irrationally terrified by it, but that feeling of moving, the need for moving, i totally get that x

  • lacey

    "my lips that cling to the last taste of you…" this reminds me of the last morning spent with my now ex-boyfriend. he was packing up his car to move far away and when we kissed goodbye, i just had this weird feeling that it was our last kiss. i kissed him extra hard, and i'm glad i did because it turns out that it was, in fact, the very last one. i like this sonnet very much.

  • Kitty Chrystal

    Emma i think this is my favourite of what poetry you have shared on here! It has such an alive rhythm to it, poetry with a heart beat xxx

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