April come she will

We’re getting into the meat of the year now, yeah? Right now I’m hitting the final stretch of the semester, the time when I ask myself if I really need to go to class or if I can afford to sleep in for an extra hour. Guess which has been winning.

April is a pretty month for poetry. Rain and rebirth. I’m excited to taste it all.

My April will feature:

  • The return of GAME OF THRONES
  • The literature conference I was accepted to is this weekend. Mildly nervous for reading my two pieces. More nervous about finding the right buildings and parking. My irrational fears of being lost or late or looking like an idiot cannot be topped.
  • I’ll be returning to my high school to teach Gatsby to some Juniors like I did last year. Cannot. Wait. Hopefully this year I won’t have to yell at a kid and tell him he’s gonna peak in High School. (oops)
  • More sunny days means more outside study time which is infinitely better than studying inside. That should help my focus, right? One can hope.
Not too much happening in April, beside my semester ending and 8000 essays I have to write. But then summer.
I love the prologue of April. What are you excited about this month? What’s got you feeling alive and breathing?
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  • Maija

    I love the prologue of April too. Congratulations on being accepted to go to that literary conference, sounds exciting! (And don;t worry, I'm very good at being lost/late too.) xxx

  • Emerald Dove

    Great post – good luck with the readings, it sounds amazing and I know you will do well! I feel like a zombie after losing that hour of sleep though… 🙂

  • Kayla

    okay i borrowed the game of thrones book from a friend, & have yet to read it. have you read the books, and if so, your thoughts?
    also, i have that same irrational fear of getting lost. i always think i'm going to miss the freeway exit or have written down the wrong time. i had a interview yesterday and i was a basket case. haha, we are in that one together.
    amen to looking forward to that sunshine! walking outside is the best thing ever, i can't wait to do it daily!

  • Jonathan Low

    This guy, Miltos came to BYU with the Bristol Old Vic and did a workshop with us. It was rad.

  • ivette

    Simon.and garfunkel,.yess!!!
    Congrats.on the.conference and gatsby lecture, i''ll inspire.everyone… be brave! You'll rock.both,…
    My april….mmmm i'm not sure,.i' plans.. i don't know.if.something will change or.not… but i do like the.idea of not.knowing what.this.month.will bring.into my life…makes it more exciting…
    Take care!

  • Kayla Lynn

    i dig how you teach Gatsby to high schoolers, that's pretty fucking cool. congratulations on the conference, i am certain you will be incredible. spring is a hopeful season to me. wrapping up the busy season at work just in time for that summer kind of meander, and dallying of daylight. you know?

  • indigo

    a dream 🙂

    its a dream for me to be such a reader . even though till later years of school i did not really know what literature was, it always makes me happy to see people read and write.


  • Holly

    Ah I totally agree with you on that, I love it when the weather starts to turn at this time of year, there's just so much more optimism around. I have a busy month ahead and I'm excited rather than terrified, which is a first. But I really relate to what you said about being lost/looking like an idiot. I used to panic about having the exact change for the bus and whether I'd know my stop. Anxiety, man, what you gonna do?

    What you said to that junior is hilarious.



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