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The onset of summer leaves me vibrating and nostalgic like folk music,
the sunset like melting ice cream and honeydew scents
curling in the newly forming blossoms on the trees.

I feel young and small and tired, fallen from the nest too soon.
I feel strong and awake and ready, getting drunk on warming air.
The paradox of 22, too young to not call mother, too old to miss her much.

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  • Emerald Dove

    This is so beautiful – you really have such a talent! I love the phrases you use – they wouldn't be out of place in a Fitzgerald novel. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Your words are always so emotional to read.

  • Samantha Heather

    I feel that age confusion too. I don't know what my age really means. I will be 22 in June and I don't quite know what that means for my life. Where should I be at this age? Who knows.

  • ivette

    the second paragraph is epic… I actually copied it and pasted it on my quotes file on my hard drive… 22, 23, 24…28… I still feel like that at my age… beautifully expressed my young blue friend…hugs

  • Emma Jane

    Wow thank you darling. That means so much from you.

  • Emma Jane

    This is my favorite comment :))

    I'm glad I can write like Fitzgerald. That's a dream come true!

  • D

    I feel young and small and tired
    I feel strong and awake and ready

    that i everything i feel right now. love this one!

  • Kayla

    this is perfect. so often when i read your words, i feel like you have put into words feelings that i have felt. it's a pretty awesome sensation. thank you, as always, for sharing. you are lovely. xoxo


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