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I listen to movie soundtracks while I put together the soundtrack to my own life.
I beg myself to skip a meal so boys will kiss me harder, touch me longer.
But that’s foolish and awful so I eat blueberries until my tongue is numb from sugar and my fingers are stained like lilacs.
I spy on my neighbors in their pretty things, sitting in hammocks and reading Nabokov.
The sun seems too scared of my searing white flesh to touch it for long but the longer I lay in the grass, the more the sun sneaks up on me. I like the lines the sun leaves on me, arrows pointing to all of my hidden skin.
When the weather has tricked us into an early summer, I write the grey days away pouring my own warmth into words.

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  • Kitty Chrystal

    i love that your neighbours lie in hammocks and read Nabokov, that's the life! beautiful writing as always xx

  • meg bird

    Eat dem berries, girl.

  • D

    lovely 🙂 that's what spring does

  • ivette

    every season gives us something new to do or think about… I think I'd enjoy your spring, especially the blueberries

  • Mirage

    There is calmness in your words that I love the most.

  • lacey

    this makes me want to go lie in a field somewhere and let the breeze blow by.

  • Kayla Lynn

    this made me feel warm. i would enjoy some of your sun… the sky has been a constant shade of gray for many days now.

  • Erin Marie

    Wow, this is powerful. I love the imagery of the blueberries and spying on neighbors. 😀

  • Holly

    'I beg myself to skip a meal so boys will kiss me harder, touch me longer.'


  • AVY

    And I can feel it. I wonder if they understand what they're reading, the neighbours.

  • Blake Maria

    Sounds like the story of my high school years, though my pretty and narcissistic neighbours would never be caught dead reading Nabokov. It was a different time I suppose and perhaps had they been immersed in such things I would have wound down a different path myself.

    Dancing in Black

  • Lilly

    I can see you. I can see that immaculate picture you painted without ever seeing how immaculate it really is, you really are..

  • Shawnee

    really love this.


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