Flash Fiction Writing


The birds started chirping at about 5 AM. I know I’ll regret staying up all night writing while sitting through seven hours of class today but this sunrise smells like sugar and summertime sings so softly in these pale hours.



  • Kayla Lynn

    so soft, such a beautiful picture you have painted. love your words, always.

  • Kayla

    morning is the best–i find the most peace in those wee hours of the morning after i have experienced insomnia.

  • lacey

    when the inspiration strikes, you gotta write! just go with it. that's what coffee is for. 😉

  • D

    that's how i always imagine you 🙂 writing in the almost dark, until the sun comes up

  • Lilly

    isn't this moment worth staying up for?I love regret hate and love those nights…. write, Em, write…

  • Maija

    I love mornings, staying awake to watch the dawn materialise is always magical, no matter how many times you do it x

  • helen

    but it is so so worth it (staying up all night, watching the sun come up) x

  • Niki

    god knows I've done that so often.xx

    dreaming is believing

  • ivette

    drink lots of coffee… get though those school hours, but don't regret them… you spent them well… writing, witnessing the sunrise, listening to the early birds… I don't think you should ever resist an impulse… specially if it comes from the soul…and your soul must keep writing.. let it!
    …thanks for your sweet comments on my artwork doll…you don't know how much they mean to me.. hugs, hugs and more hugs…good luck at school!

  • Niken

    i love love love this! so peaceful and serene. totally worth the early wake-up thing,,

  • Shelby

    but for real lady! couldn't have said it any better… but obviously because your writing is something else. always. like seriously, that was like a sentence and it made me want to cry from happiness. who are you?!


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