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you’d make a nighttime of the day so it’d suit the mood of your song

Maybe it’s because I’m used to being broken and seeing broken things that I never complain when the ice machine is on the fritz or the air conditioner isn’t quite cold enough. Maybe it’s because I love the numbness that I find it easy to shut my eyes for three second intervals while I drive, a little dare for myself. I’ve been internally screaming for months and before I reached the boiling point, I let my car drift across lanes, regaining control just before disaster struck. The roads are silent and lonely at two in the morning, perfect for escapism. I want it to stay this fuzzy time forever, always have the perfect wind of a summer night to spill my secrets into.

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Ps. Sorry I’ve been gone; it’s been rough goings.


  • D

    i hope you're ok<3

  • Kayla Lynn

    "I've been internally screaming for months." Ugh, yes! I feel you. Keep finding those dares, they're what'll keep you going. Anything to feel that rush of blood.

  • lacey

    no apologies. i take blogging breaks all the time. it's necessary sometimes. i do hope all is okay though. i like these images you have laid out for us up there.

  • little moon lover

    internally screaming…. I do know a lot about that… and those moment when you close the eyes while driving… I feel less guilty of doing so too.. hope you're doing fine… take a break, breathe… don't worry about us… we'll be here when you get back.. hugs!

  • Kayla

    i miss your writing. you are beautiful. xo

  • Emma Jane

    I needed this comment today. Thank you so much.

  • S.

    This this this. You are such a talent.



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