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Dear Stephanie Perkins

It’s been too long since I’ve had a book to gush about. A book that filled me up, made me it’s prisoner, made me squeal like an idiot and made me believe in love and words. A book that sparks my insides and moves me to write and to read and to smile and to UGH very loudly.

Stephanie Perkins you win again. 

Last year I read Anna and the French Kiss swiftly followed by Lola and the Boy Next Door. I shared some thoughts on those two books here but to echo the sentiment a bit, these books moved me so much. These characters are just so alive and so beautiful and broken and unique. The way Stephanie writes is just electric and so full of love. You can feel this woman’s passion and love for words and her characters soak through the pages.

She writes how I want to write. I love when you can tell an author loves their characters and I think Stephanie Perkins takes the cake there. I can almost feel her squealing with me when the characters kiss and getting frustrated with me when her characters aren’t together. I like that I can feel how much love and care and attention each character gets. I like that the characters become my friends and that they are Stephanie’s friends too.

I devour her books also. It’s been a good summer for reading but good GOD I was not ready for the majesty of Isla and the Happily Ever After, the last book of her sort of, interrelated series. I don’t want to give anything away by way of plot but here’s the low down. Isla is shy and has always loved Josh, a broody hot artist who can’t seem to focus on much. After a very awkward (and literally awesome) first official meeting over summer vacation, their school year in Paris becomes a lovely jumble of romance and sorrow and GUYS I COULD NOT.

One of the best parts of these books is that they truly transport you to the landscapes that they take place in. In Anna, you are swept away to Paris and you return back to Paris in Isla after some time in New York and some even more delicious time in Barcelona (STEPHANIE PERKINS I CAN’T WITH YOU). But one of my favorite experiences was reading Lola while I was in San Francisco last week. I mean, holy wow it brought the book to life in bursting colors. I drove through the Castro and picked the houses I though Lola and Cricket lived in and loved in. I bought some crazy dresses in the Haight and felt my Lola showing. She knows San Francisco and she paints each city she uses so lovingly and so beautifully.

My favorite line of Lola

I could gush about the intricacies of her books forever, how much I love the boys she writes (PS STEPHANIE PERKINS YOU ALSO SUCK BECAUSE I CAN’T PICK BETWEEN THE THREE OF THEM HOW DARE YOU), and how beautifully she writes her women. I can see pieces of all of them in me and that makes reading her books very fun and also very revealing. These girls have their faults and there are times when reading them revealed mine and I got so uncomfortable for a minute, but then so inspired. Like Isla for example. She is so hard on herself and she focuses on her past and Josh’s past so much. I was so frustrated reading that until I realized that I do the exact same thing. Her books always seem to reveal me. It’s because her characters are so damn realistic. It might seem easy to dismiss these books as easy to read or mindless romance but HOT DAMN do they get heavy and real and raw.

Stephanie Perkins is the writer I want to be and her words always wake me up when I need them to. I have been in the worst writing rut of all time. I feel like I have creative ADD. I sit down to write, feel so jazzed to be writing, and then I just can’t. It feels empty and useless to try. I feel like I have nothing to say and no words to say anything. But her books excite me. They make me feel love and they make me feel a love of love in books. That feeling of getting so sucked into words that you cannot stop, you cannot and will not put it down. I want to write a book like that and Stephanie Perkins makes me feel like that type of writing is possible.

On her blog she has talked about battling depression. About how hard it is to write through it sometimes. I feel that pain so so much. Brains are assholes. Brains tell you you can’t write or that you shouldn’t or that people won’t like you. And when that happens, bodies and words shut down. On one of her posts about depression, I left a comment for her about how much she inspires me. And guess what? She responded to me! 🙂 She said “Thank you, Em. I’m so sorry that your brain is mean to you, too. I’m glad you’re fighting it! Keep writing. I can’t wait to read YOUR book someday. :-)”


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was dying when that happened last year. And something more, I know she means it because she is just the nicest.

I know this post is all over the place but in the end, it has one purpose. Thank you so much Stephanie Perkins. Thank you for your books, your characters (particularly the boys but… how can I pick between the three ugh), your hope, your words, being you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me my writing back.

I cannot wait for your next masterpiece.


  • Milu Sosa

    Oh I've never read any of her books but I've been looking for a good book for a while now! the other night I read "Falling for her fiance" and it was actually very good so I recommend it! I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


  • little moon lover

    I've never read anything from her but I guess I'll have to start now…I'm a sucker for love stories, so it might just be right on my alley… anyway…cool thing about getting a response from her…you reminded me of the girl from John Green's "the fault in our stars" …when she gets an answer from her beloved favorite author haha… so groovy!
    I can't wait to read your book one day too!… and depression…what can I say about that… I think I am addicted to it.. and also need it..'cause when I'm happy,…I can't create a thing…but when I'm sad and down and suicidal or angry…that's when I can write and paint like crazy… I guess that…unfortunately..depression inspires me… but doesn't that happen to all artists?…or at least, most of them?… anais nin, sylvia plath, van gogh, frida kahlo, edgar allan poe, hemingway… we're all doomed… xoxo

  • Eleonora C.

    I've never read books from her mostly because love stories aren't my fav…Most of the love books I find at bookstores are too sad or too soppy. Maybe if I get the right book I'll like the genre much more!

  • meg bird

    She replied to you, that's amazing! I've been on a reading kick lately. After months of not reading one bit at all and I was just thinking about how I need to find my next book and then, boom, this post. So, hey thanks!

    I'm the same way with writing though. There are some serious rough patches where nothing comes. And that's usually followed by a single day a few months or weeks down the line where I can't stop the thoughts coming out of my head! So, I hope that hits you sometime very soon 🙂

  • Shelby

    love love LOVE her! and you are so freaking right! she seriously transports you to these places, and you can just FEEL the streets they walk down. it is unreal! let me borrow Isla pretty please. hahah takes place in Paris?!?! sign me up!


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