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scorpion venom

It was easy for ninety people
to drink eighty bottles of wine.

It’s hard to paint
the tumors hot pink,
to let all of the venom in the world
eat up your blood and sting your
stomach lining.

It was so hard to feel my breath
and my bones turn to ashes
while I tried to look happy
to still be here.

In the violet hour before
it all begins again, I can hear
the other side calling so softly.
Like moths burning on a light bulb.

I’m so close- closing my eyes
is so goddamned easy.

But then they all come through
the door and I snap back to myself.
The weapons won’t be laid down today.
Dying is much too easy.

Let’s make Hell wish it could have me.

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  • D

    this is so intense.. the words are haunting. even as a reader you can barely escape.

  • Lola Day

    A scorpion's sting is deadly… anything – or anyone – that crosses it path will always wish it hadn't. A scorpion is also capable of stinging itself. Is your astrological sign a Scorpio, darling? Just thought I'd ask. Anyways, a scorpion can destroy itself, but a scorpion can also lurk from out of the darkness, rising from the dust of the desert… or in other words, people can always rise from the ashes even from rock bottom.

    That last line is very powerful. I hope like Hell you don't let Hell ever consume you. Sometimes I think Hell is a state of mind, like other states of mind like anger, sadness, happiness, etc. I hope that when you hear Hell tiptoeing nearby, that you create art like this amazing poem you've written. I hope you are ok. xxx

    ps… If you like jazz music, you should listen to the album 'Undercurrent' by Bill Evans (that photograph ^ is the cover art for that album). Take care

  • kayla

    "the door and I snap back to myself" this sentence is so simple yet so powerful… how true.

  • Holly

    That last line though xx

    The Persephone Complex

  • meg bird

    "Let's make Hell wish it could have me."

    Emma! Geez!


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