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the daisies

I shut the light off and bathed in the dark. I let the black velvet water come to nearly the top of the tub until only my neck and head were left uncovered. The music that was playing embraced me like you never did, seeping down through the water and sliding across my skin. It was like an underwater cathedral in my darkened tub and my body was the altar, finally learning to praise itself again.

When the humidity finally loosened my cough, I coughed up the daisies you planted carelessly along my heart. They were bright and sick and smelt like lies. After all of this, I have learned something after all. Don’t trust the daisies; they keep poison in pretty packages.

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  • arushee bhoja

    This is gorgeous. So sad and poignant. Hope you're well!

  • Shadow

    Perfect images, just perfect. Your words flow easily through the mind.

  • AVY

    And it takes so little to end it all.

  • meg bird

    bright and sick and smelled like lies. I don't know how else to say this, but I really liked it.

  • D

    i am not easily moved, but there is something in your way of writing that moves me so much. it's so real, it always hits me.

  • Bone

    “you made flowers grow in my lungs and although they're beautiful i can't fucking breathe.”


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