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I think I’ve discovered some of the biggest secrets in life right here, shoved into my pillow case. There are some truths out there that are so seemingly obvious, so simple that they almost become a cliche. Cliches don’t have a lot of respect in this world but they are cliched for a reason, right? Sometimes being reminded of those simple truths could save a life or fix a broken heart.

Here are some of the simple truths I have discovered recently. I hope that some of these can help you too.

You have to love yourself and you have to love others. At the end of the day, all we have is humanity and our fellow man. Human beings are capable of profound feelings that I will never begin to understand, but watching the insanity that is a human existence unfold before your eyes is a gift that deserves to be treasured. Treasure each other and treasure history. History matters because for all of these years on this Earth, those people who have come before you have cried like you, laughed like you, screamed like you, bled like you. Learn their feelings and empathize with those struggles. Go to those places that are screaming with history and soak it all in because the tens of millions of people that have passed through this Earth deserve that respect and our thirst for knowledge. We are all humans and that needs to be respected and loved.

Love yourself. Please, know how lovely and good you are and can be. The potential you hold in your fingertips could build empires or crumble everything into ruins. You can be unstoppable and beautiful. Help yourself down that path toward beauty and creation by loving your body and your skin and your mind. Have fun in this life and have fun in your skin.

Do not let anyone destroy you without your consent. Here is the biggest secret I have learned, my loves: You are in charge of who is in your life and at what capacity. YOU pick who surrounds you and what energy you let in. The Daisy Buchanan’s in this world are gorgeous and they offer you pretty things. When a Daisy shines their eyes across you, it is easy to feel special and singled out but I promise you that you mean nothing to them. If someone tells you they are horrible or careless, believe them. They most likely mean it. And if they don’t, what a horrible and juvenile lie for attention.

I went through a break up recently that was needless and cruel but it changed me so completely. I feel as though it made me more empathetic and less so. Less patient and more patient. Lovelies, you are not required to keep venomous people in your life. I felt so destroyed by being in this relationship that I just sort of… remained because I felt too small to leave. That was a horrible lesson but I’m grateful for it. You get to control how venomous people are in your life. YOU. You decide if you make the frightening decision to make it their responsibility to change or if you are smart and adult enough to suck their poison from your life. You get to decide how to live and change.

Change is so hard, I know. But if you know what to do, change. Let that rush drive you against a wall and suffer if you have to but I promise you that everything will get better and you will be ok. Don’t let yourself stay miserable. Choose to move on. If you don’t, remember your life and your misery is on you and nobody else. Life is too beautiful to miss out on because someone gives you such horrific anxiety that you can’t eat for five months or because someone makes you feel small.

Fill your lungs with air, breathe in and out, and love. Love until your heart is full to bursting. Then fill it even more.

I love you. So so much.

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  • meg bird

    "If someone tells you they are horrible or careless, believe them. They most likely mean it. And if they don't, what a horrible and juvenile lie for attention."

    Gah, AGREED. It's incredible what happens when you learn to stop rewarding/enabling this type of behavior. What people fall and cower away and what people become attracted to your healthy approach to relationships.

  • The Purple Assassin.

    I've always thought that staying true to oneself is the most important.

    I like how you don't lie to yourself.


  • kayla lynn

    i needed to read this. thank you for sharing it, i'll soak in it all day. xo

  • AVY

    It's the hardest thing though, but I'm trying. Happiness is the only meaning there is to life.


  • Lola Day

    We are here because of the humans who existed before our time. We are here because they loved, they felt emotion, because they made choices. Isn't that kind of mind-blowing and yet very beautiful?

    Do you think we should destroy ourselves before we allow someone else to? I know this is contradicting to how you were talking about the importance of loving yourself. Maybe sometimes we have to know what it's like to be so destructible to ourselves before we can learn to truly love ourselves? There's no right answer, of course… it's always conditional.

    I'm sure your wounds are still fresh. Even though it's probably still painful, know that you are really doing yourself good by not allowing yourself to be poisoned anymore. He is part of you and will always be because we are a product of the lives we encounter and intertwine with. However, he does not define you. He is a mere part.
    There is still so much to look forward to, Emma.


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