Be Prolific Series Announcement

I have been incredibly lucky to build quite a large circle of artists through this blog. I have met some incredible poets, writers, painters, designers, musicians, and everything else under the sun through this blog. If you need some suggestions of some real talent, check out my left sidebar- a few of my favorite creators.

I am also incredibly lucky to live in a city that celebrates art so much. Salt Lake City, Utah has an incredible arts scene and some ASTOUNDING talent! I love seeing what these people are creating around me and seeing it influence my own work.

I love sharing my poetry and flash fiction on my blog. Thank you to all of my readers for supporting me and leaving such amazing comments. I am so lucky to have fallen into this community and to let my craft grow on this platform. And now I want to expand what I share with you.

I want the readers of this blog to get a glimpse into the art world of Salt Lake City. I want you all to see how talented these people are, whether you are from Salt Lake of from very far away. There is art happening here that shouldn’t be missed and lessons these artists can share that are so important.

I’ve been reaching out to the artistic community of SLC to set up interviews with artists of every medium. I’ll be interviewing photographers, painters, dancers, actors, poets, musicians, anyone who will speak to me about what they create. I’ll be posting their interviews and glimpses of their work on this blog in a series I am calling “Be Prolific” a sound bite I got from my very first interview.

I am so excited to start this project and so excited to share this art with you. I can’t wait for you to see a part of my world, my lovelies. Let’s create and learn together.

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  • Alice S.

    Can't wait to see where this project are gonna led you. Good luck!!

  • CookieCrumbs Inc.

    Sounds interesting! Good luck with it 🙂

  • meg bird

    Sounds so exciting! There really are so many talented people in this area. I mean, I guess everywhere, probably. But I don't know. Salt Lake and the surrounding area seems so saturated with creatives, I love it.

  • D

    oh, how cool! that's a great idea. i'm curious to read the interviews!


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