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climbing trees

I told you you were like a tree trunk as I wrapped my body around you like vines, every pore of my body shaking like quaking aspen. So solid and so big, dwarfing me in the best way. Making me feel so small with you looming over me, shoving me into the door frame and back on towards the bedroom. Both of your hands together fit perfectly across my waist, squeezing the breath right out of me only to breathe in more with your young, thoughtful lips.

When you climb into me, you ask me if I’m ok. And you mean it. That takes more strength than moving with me and taking feeling for yourself. If only you cared less, maybe I could too. If I could stop wanting to taste the breeze moving under your skin, right at the thinnest part of your flesh on your neck. If only I could stop wanting to feel you grow around me like a tree reclaiming what man tried to steal from it.

Self Portrait taken in Midway, Utah


  • AVY

    What is it about feeling small when close to a man? I've always loved that.

  • Bone

    "If only you cared less, maybe I could too."
    Ah, so true.

  • kayla lynn

    i love this photo of you! and your words, as always so meaningful. i don't know what it is about feeling small with a man either but it's always something i've loved as well.

  • Lola Day

    Trees are living things and they do sense when things (whether bugs or what have you) live inside or around them. trees can also sense when man wraps their his arms around them… it's good for them as much as it's good for us. Anyways…
    the drummer has absorbed your touch the way a tree absorbs the vines which grow and live with and around it.
    if only humans didn't complicate things. it's so natural to project and reciprocate our energy forces with other humans. but we complicate this natural order of things for whatever reasons.

  • D

    ok this might sound weird, but i think your writing style comes out best when you write about sex without writing too explicitly about it. the words you choose to describe it are so beautiful.


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