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telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare, honey

The hazy blue of summer nights makes me feel selfish. With tangerine clouds inching past my window as I lay in bed, I don’t know how I became so lucky as to see the world unfold around me. How I became so lucky to have been through so much and lived. To feel that tiny breeze play across my collarbone or that little thought of you peek through my eyelashes.

I bet you feel like summer and taste like ocean breezes.

Lana Del Rey is writing about us, you know.

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  • D

    hazy blue, tangerine nights and breezes across collarbones? that's everything.

  • Lola Day

    Sometimes it's hard to remember how lucky we are in this moment, as well as in all of the moments that led up to right now.
    So when we do remember, it's pretty lovely.
    I think our pain leads us to forget how lucky we are.

    Lana is a sultry contrast. and life's just full of contrasts.
    She's angelic but has a dark side too.


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