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I’m a fan of hyperbolic language because life is hyperbolic and explosive. I would much rather feel things in constant states of literally and hyperbole than through a veil of unshakable and polarizing apathy. Apathy does not make you impressive and isolation is not something to be proud of. Bleeding is impressive. Feeling pain that will lead to joy is impressive. Feeling joy that will lead to pain, that is even more impressive.

Let life drown you. We have been dying since the day we were born so why not go out with a fucking bang?

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  • meg bird

    "Call it luck or you can call it fate
    But either way it's how it happens
    Not the way that you imagined
    So just go out with a bang like Hemingway
    Some will say you're brave
    Some will say you ain't"

    This reminded me of that song by Conor Oberst for obvious reasons. So, you know, I posted it.

    You have such an interesting perspective. I love this entire thing. "Bleeding is impressive." I've never really thought of it that way, but it is! Vulnerability. Honesty. It takes a certain amount of bravery.


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