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lay me down tonight in my linen and curls

Last night I plucked the moon from the sky and shoved it straight down my throat. All this time they’ve told us it was made of curdled milk. It was made of sugar cookie dough and crinkled happily down my throat as it made its way down. The sugar dust stayed on my fingers and I sucked it all out from under my nail beds while I thought of you, no longer able to see the moon gazing down at you.

You didn’t deserve her. The moon is made of pure dust and smells like fresh tulips in the first garden sprout of spring. She couldn’t stand to look at you as you made your way down the street each night, sneaking in and out, promising love to one and yanking it away from another.

I drove comfortably down the street toward home, missing all of the usual potholes because these were my roads. I followed gently along the curves like how I trace the space between the moles on my arm. I trace them myself, while your fingers rot off and twist lifelessly down in the cement of your heart. I trace them and feel the moon bubbling in my throat and glowing in my chest.

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  • Q.

    So beautifully expressed.

  • Jennifer

    I love the surrealism and metaphor in your writing. Have you ever read Mira Gonzalez's poetry? I feel like you'd like it? There's a simplistic, straight-to-the-point way that she expresses herself, but she takes everything around her and makes it part of the movement of the poetry. She's even on Twitter if you want a few good, depressed, chuckles or two.


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